Our Story

Myra Evans-Manyweather

Myra Evans-Manyweather

Author | Storyteller | Co-Founder

Her Story

In rural Jim Crow Louisiana, a poor black girl who grew up in a house with cardboard walls is bused to a white high school. Her friends and neighbors tell her she shouldn’t go at all. At school, she is harassed.

Her response? She became valedictorian. Myra was inspired by an Air Force Lt Colonel as she saw her walk upright with confidence across her college campus. Retiring with the rank of Lt Colonel, she started an entrepreneur career focused on helping others help themselves.

Her simple message: Start Where You Are and build your ideal life a step at a time.

Loeka Kapeleiala Wiltz

Loeka Kapeleiala Wiltz

Innovator | Improvenator | Co-Designer


His Story
Loeka’s first innovation experience, it was urgent that he and his brother create a useful solution to feed his family of 8. at ages 9-10 forced to find a way.

At the tender ages of 9 and 10, he had no clue where to start! Until he and his younger brother realized they could collect aluminum cans for cash and buy food. As resources dried up, they had to pivot finding the best grocer dumpster to find cans which led to discovering edible food. This lesson in entrepreneurship was during the humid summer months in New Orleans, LA.

Loeka’s first exposure to basic program coding and mapping wireframes was in high school, San Antonio, TX. And, the rest is history!


The inquisitor [Myra] and I [the designer] crossed paths a decade ago.  At the time Myra was transitioning from her 20-year career as a USAF Comptroller Commander and the designer [Loeka] was a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University, College Station.

The first encounter of the inquisitor and designer; the clash of diverse thought leaders, Loeka thought it would be really cool to tape the first iteration of the canvas on the wall of Myra’s corner office.

The inquisitor was kind enough to let the canvas hang on her office wall, however three days passed given Myra enough time to formulate a series of questions.

      Meet-Up: WTH [WHAT THE HECK]     

      is that going to do to help our client   

      achieve its vision?

      Month 1: OMG [OH MY GUT] is telling

      me our client don’t have a shared

      understand with their own customer?

      Month 2: SWTF [SO WHAT’S THE

      FOCUS] to create useful solutions     

      tailored for each root cause

      and to close the performance gap?

      Month 3: NWTV [NOW WHAT’S THE

      VALUE] we will deliver to our clients’

      customers, stakeholders, and


The designer, Loeka flipped the forward thinking conversation by asking the questions differently.  WHO THE HECK published articles and provided tools that would be desirable for anyone? OH MY GOODNESS, how do we help our client’s have focused conversations and develop a shared understanding?  SO WHO ARE THE FOREMOST thought leaders that can inform how we design something that is repeatable and feasible for anyone?  NOW WHAT TYPE OF VALUE-BASED TOOLKIT can we Start, Grow, and Build to help anyone learn the secrets of wealth creation?

Staying true to her leadership style, Myra led with two thought provoking questions.

What are you going to do with all your gifts and talent?  And, how do we build a Ranch that will help others become Ranch Handlers of their own gifts and talent?

Therefore painting a target like a Commander is trained-up to do and clearing the way for the next generation of inquisitors and designers.

Loeka kept it real, taking on his leadership role as a action learning researcher and small business innovator.

If we design a toolkit that unlocks access to wealth creation, then Historically Underutilized Business/Underserved Community leaders and teams can create useful solutions despite limited resources?

To make wealth creation accessible, affordable, and actionable for Historically Underutilized Business/Underserved Community leaders and teams.

Start, grow, and build the world’s leading open action learning research, design and leadership community working together to close the wealth creation gap.

Facilitate the wealth creation process allowing small business/community leaders and teams to collaborate on real world problems/opportunities to create useful solutions.

* Creativity – Inverted Leadership
* Compassion – Heart-led Analytics
* Commitment –  Experimentation is Collaboration
* Character – Value-based Decisions
* Courage – Excellence is Execution